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Boy Story

I recently had the pleasure of running around the backyard with these fellas and a chance to brush up on my boy-wrangling skills (all girls in my house).  They were fleet of foot, keeping me on my toes but also not too shabby in the smarts department.  Big Brother told me “Google is way to search on the computer AND a really big number!”  Howabout that for a Kindergartner?!  Check out a few from our time together…

Real Love

Awhile ago, I had the opportunity to spend some time photographing one of my favorite families the day after they welcomed healthy twin boys.  Capturing families and newborns in the hospital is indescribably special.  In this room, the joy and wonder are overflowing, the emotions are organic and unfiltered, the sheer newness of new life feels miraculous in itself.  These moments can not be remade, they are genuine and pure and unique and profound.  This is real life.  This is real love.

happy birthday

As mothers, we can never forget the day our children are born.  From the first labor pain to the moment we finally hold them in our arms, every second is burned into our hearts forever.  My little one turns five today and while the new baby smell and sleepless nights have faded from my memory, everything about the day she arrived will remain with me always.  We took these photos, as we do each year around a Birthday, to capture a fleeting moment in time, mark the milestone, the passing of a year.  The trees were still gray and stark but the light was golden and my subject glowed with a radiance all her own.

a love letter

If I could write a love letter to a place, I would write it in photographs.  I would show light that cradles in its gorgeous embrace, sky that stretches on to eternity, open spaces with marvelous vastness and nature’s wondrous details.  I would show children playing and running free the way only children can and the connection they have with each other and to this beautiful earth.  If I could write a love letter to Cape Cod, it would look like this…