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endless beach day

An endless beach day…the moment before the sun dips below the dunes, sunlight in blonde strands, shadow overtakingView full post »

happy birthday

As mothers, we can never forget the day our children are born.  From the first labor pain to the moment we finally holdView full post »

a love letter

If I could write a love letter to a place, I would write it in photographs.  I would show light that cradles in itsView full post »

winter solstice

The longest days of the year…by the time they come home from school there is almost nothing left for light. No sunView full post »

cape cod

Our summer vacation spot. I think about the light all year long. I have dreams about it. Every year I try to captureView full post »

The Fifth of July

The beach is the only place to be on Long Island for Fourth of July weekend.  It’s actually in the bylaws.  View full post »

strawberry picking

if it’s the third weekend in June and you’re a Stier, there’s only one thing you’re doing- you&#View full post »


sprinkler season is upon us once again and as you can probably imagine, I am the owner of one exceedingly well-wateredView full post »

polka dots & stripes

No one else in the world can know you as well as a sister can know you. I happen to know this to be true because I haveView full post »


so we’ve been having a bit of wintery weather here in the northeast.  this is annoying to most people, unless youView full post »

the beach in december

winter light and the beach, these are few of my favorite things. i don’t often have the chance to experience themView full post »

a walk in the woods

who doesn’t love a walk in the woods on a beautiful fall day? we went to one of our favorite spots to take in someView full post »


i loved finding milkweed when i was a little girl. i loved cracking open the brown dried pods and finding the perfectView full post »


going home and picking apples. also known as the day my kids eat five pounds of apples, also known as the day i am mostView full post »

soccer mom

if you had told me ten years ago that Future Sarah would have 3 kids and would be spending 10 hours a week on the soccerView full post »